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Cont'd  Heart Six Pack Trips continue past Crater Lake and up around a 1000 foot climb to the top of the world on the Continental Divide. I had on a Garmin Watch with full GPS capabilities that allowed for me to record on a map the elevation and time it took for me to travel and we ended up at around 10200 feet amongst glaciers.

Wyoming hunting starts with Heart Six Dude Ranch pack trips into the Bridger-Teton Forest up to the Yellowstone River at the base of Younts Peak in early July through September 19th of each year.  In 2017, we headed up the trail from Turpin Meadow and then through the Soda Fork Meadow and up the Soda Fork Trail.  Our first stop is the Soda Fork Springs

2018 Wyoming hunting license applications for Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat, and Spring Turkey are now open.  The Department of Game and Fish has a website that answers all of your questions  via online pre-printed questions and answers. Heart Six Dude Ranch is available at 307-543-2477 to answer your questions and figure out more complex answers regarding your Wyoming hunting license.  We are


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