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Wyoming Hunting License Apply or Buy is now Open January 2nd

2018 Wyoming hunting license applications for Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat, and Spring Turkey are now open.  The Department of Game and Fish has a website that answers all of your questions  via online pre-printed questions and answers.

Heart Six Dude Ranch is available at 307-543-2477 to answer your questions and figure out more complex answers regarding your Wyoming hunting license.  We are also available to take your reservation for your 2018 or 2019 hunt.  We have three camps and recommend the Soda Springs Camp as the best camp available for 2018 as it is only 18 miles into the Teton Wilderness.  This level of hunting is more attainable for most persons.  This gives you the opportunity to stay in a hunting camp, but if necessary to get out to civilization in only 6 hours.  If you would like a more comfortable accommodation you can always hunt out of the Heart Six Dude Ranch Lodge which can accommodate up to 100 persons.

To apply you need to do the following:

click on the link for the Wyoming hunting license Department of Game and Fish found on our website.

2.  Click on the Red “Apply or Buy” Button

3.  Click on the Red “Apply for Licenses” Button on the left side of the screen

4.  Welcome Page – Read the “Welcome” page and clock on any links you need to get all of your information gathered and organized.  You will need your Sportsperson ID Number, Date of Birth, Last Name, Mailing Zip Code and the Last Four Digits of your social security number.  When applying simply apply for the general Elk tag to hunt from any of our Yellowstone River Camp, Soda Springs Camp, or Heart Six Dude Ranch Lodge Camp.  If you would like to hunt Grand Teton National Park there are specialized steps, so call the ranch.  For other species please look at the maps we have put on our website as these will show you the proper hunt areas to pick.

5  If you are a group, you will want to make certain that you use your PARTY ID NUMBER!  This number keeps you together so that your group wins the lottery together.

Note:  Heart Six Dude Ranch and Outfitting Lodge is here to help you with your Wyoming hunting license questions.  No question is stupid and if we do not know the answer we have an expert who can answer the question for us.  the number is 307-543-2477.

Lastly,  Sony is making some amazing cameras and we just bought one.  The photography out there is amazing.  So, if you want to add another three days and take some pictures.  Please tell us when making the booking.  Terry will notate the file and you can travel to other camps from the lodge with us.

Frank Chapman, Owner Heart Six Dude Ranch, Buffalo Valley Ranch, Buffalo River Ranch, and The Boggy Bench Ranch.



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