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Wyoming Elk Hunts with Heart Six Ranch & Outfitters

Wyoming Elk Hunts with Heart Six Ranch & Outfitters utilize three different locations within Bridger-Teton National Forest all the way up to the South border of Yellowstone National Park and the Western border of Grand Teton National Park.

Our Guide, Mark while on a Wyoming Elk Hunt bagged this 6×6 Elk bull near our Soda Fork Camp and Crater Lake using a Cody Gun Works gun that we have available to rent for the week.  This is the newest model and we can say nothing but great things about the rifle.

The Soda Fork Camp sits just South of the Big Springs in a gigantic meadow and is surrounded by amazing mountains that are full of Elk.  When the snow starts to come down the Elk are in rut and begin to mate.  This occurs during the exact time we open the Soda Fork camp.  During Rut bulls bugle ida rub trees, shrubs’ nd the ground with their antlers to attract cows and intimidate other bulls.  The sounds they make are among the most amazing in nature and carry for very long distances.  The cows listen for the bugle for clues as to the size of the bulls.  Like humans the bugle sounds different with age indicating the size of the bull.  The bugle not only calls in cows, but it also advertises to other bulls that they are present and calls in other bulls.  Guides know the sounds of bulls and cows.  You can cheat and download an app to your phone to learn the different calls.  When two bulls meet they size each other up and if one is much older and larger the smaller will retreat.  When evenly matched they will fight in order to show their strength.  They are not intending to kill each other, but rather just prove dominance in order to win over the harem of cows.


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