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Buffalo at Heart Six Guest Ranch in Grand Teton National Park

Buffalo at Heart Six Guest Ranch can be found on the drive into the ranch on Route 26.  The correct name is the American Bison. When the government put aside Grand Teton National Park in 1929 the area the Buffalo live in was not a part of the Park, but was rather a monument area where cattle ranches had cattle.  They later in 1950 incorporated this larger area into the park and it ends right at the front of the ranch.  If you look at our webcam you will see the park at our fence line.

The Grand Teton National Park Buffalo at Heart Six Guest Ranch came from Yellowstone National Park in 1948 when 20 bison were moved to the Moran Wildlife Park, a fenced enclosure that let tourists see the animals.  IN 1968 they started free-roaming and in 1980 the bison figured out that they could roam to the elk refuge and eat the hay that was set out for the Elk.  In 1989 there were only 100 Bison but a court battle resulted in a period when there was no hunting and the bison population grew.  As of a few years ago there were approximately 700 bison, but I have heard the number is 500.  Regardless they are all over the place.

The biggest danger is that someone hits them with their car.  Bison weigh up to 2000 lbs. and have a gestation period of 18 months resulting in babies that quickly are 50 lbs. This past summer one car hit three bison at once killing all three bison.  So, when you see the blinking signs that say slow down please slow down.

When you find the area with Bison please remain in your cars.  If you get out to take a picture remember that they can run very quickly for around 40 years and that they can jump 6 feet into the air from a standstill.  So, please make certain if you get out to take pictures you do not walk up to the livestock fencing and think that those fences will keep you safe.  Share your pictures with me at [email protected]



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