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Heart Six Guest Ranch Private Tours to Old Faithful Geyser

Heart Six Guest Ranch Private Tours to Old Faithful Geyser during the summer can be reserved any day of the week.  We complete the lower loop in one day leaving the ranch at 8 a.m. and coming back to the ranch between 6 and 8 p.m. depending upon your custom itinerary.  We will even pick you up from your hotel or you can stay with us.

We start with breakfast at the Buffalo Valley Cafe and then leave for Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful Geyser.  We travel through the North Gate of Grand Teton and up past one of National Geographic’s five most photographic points, the scenic turn out to Mount Moran along the Snake River.  We then head further North and into the South Gate of Yellowstone.  We go past many great places to stop and take pictures, but our main goal is to get to Old Faithful Geyser prior to the giant crowds.  Once at Old Faithful we park at the Old Faithful Lodge and explore.  We are simply finding things to do until Old Faithful Geyser erupts which is around every 90 minutes.  We can also explore this area.  My favorite is Castle Geyser because it is extremely loud and large.  There are also some beautiful sites such as Morning Glory.

Next, after leaving Old Faithful Geyser we continue around the loop and I like to go to Norris Geyser Basin.  Norris is famous for the architecture of the little museum area and also because it seldom goes off but when it does it is absolutely huge at 300 feet!  Then we continue on to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Artists’ Point.  After that we will continue driving and see Yellowstone National Park’s giant herd of Buffalo and then past the Mud Pots.  They are very stinky, when Jimmy our youngest was young he thought the smell was the Buffalo that hang out near the warmth of the Mud Pots, but it is just the sulfur.  Making this even funnier is that he would hold his nose and point at them yelling “Tinky Buffafo”


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